Veganism in unhealthy, unnatural, and destructive to young children and the environment
The most bioavailable foods are animal foods. Plant form iron is not even remotely comparable to heme iron. Heme iron is found only in meat, poultry, seafood, and fish. Take a iron deficient person and give them plant iron and it will be weeks to never before their iron returns. Feed them a liver and see it spike up in a day. The same can be said of vitamin A and many other vitamins. A No indigenous society on earth has ever been vegan. Even horses who eat grass sometimes eat birds. Hong Kong has one of the highest life expectancies on earth and one of the highest meat consumption rates on earth. Every "Vegan" body builder got their start on whey protein. And are in their 20's usually. There is no good 50+ year old long term vegan body builders who aren't on massive amount of steroids and who didn't get their start on animal protein. Vegan farming is unsustainable. Animals naturally help the soil become more nutritious. Vegan foods are terrible for the environment. Mass produced mono crops destroy the soil. Being a vegan is OK if you want to destroy your body. Pushing it on children is evil because it will limit their growth.

Circumcision is child abuse
Cutting a dick right as its born is a terrible way to welcome a male life into the world. You should wait until the child is 18 to decide. Putting in science for lack of another location.

Pedophilic attraction is more widespread than typically believed
Studies prove that most men find females attractive at ages much younger than the age of consent in most western nations.

Recently I've found it to be highly taboo to talk about IQ score differences between races. Wikipedia states that race is a social construct so such differences cannot exist. But we all see physical differences and test scores clearly demonstrate a difference in IQs. I have sources for this graph, does anyone have any contradicting sources? For example if adopted children have the same IQ score as their parents to show that IQ is more of a social construct? To what extent do you think IQ is social verses genetic?

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