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It isn’t even about privacy for me. The ability to control my appliances remotely just adds no value. Why would I bother? It is an opt in process so I imagine other people think the same way and just don’t take the extra set up steps. Put security and privacy concerns on top of that and I’m not even curious to try.

The idea of a functional closed system in this sense is flawed. Over fertilization, synthetic fertilization, and misuse of water are problems in conventional farming because people don’t care enough, we subsidize synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and don’t regulate water usage correctly. Do you think that will be different for people who have enough to spend on a new 500 hectare farm building? Efficient use of nutrients through building soil and water via the same plus mindful irrigation are possible on large scales. People will say that vertical farming won’t lose water or nutrients because those are valuable resources, but how is that different from traditional ag.

Verical farming is only efficient if you want to buy growing space with energy. In every other way it is the next phase of factory farms. You still have to move stuff and the idea that this will be local to everyone instead of plopping huge factories in areas where energy is cheap to take advantage of scale is wishful thinking. Land will be converted, giant machines will be used, and international supply chains will be set up. Also building materials will be mined, manufactured, shipped around the world, and put in place, and when we’re done with the building it will go to land fill when a new building is put in it’s place. Farm fields can be relatively easily restored to native ecosystems. Building sites tend to be permanent conversion.

I am not even going to start on the benefits of indigenous farming for local ecosystems except to say that vertical farming wants to be apart from the environment instead of a part of it.

Really? People didn’t see that the flaws would be where to get energy, where to get nutrients, and where to get water? This is literally the problem with growing any plant anywhere. At least outdoors you can count some or all of them being provided - weather, you like it or not.

I don’t think their legal position is ambiguous at all. Subscribers agree to terms when they sign up. The part that will kill them is popular opinion. If they start prosecution on subscribers how many people will keep using the platform? That’s why they’re sending out the emotional message too.

You asked what is the correlation. That could mean a characterization of results, raw data, or anything in between. Since you said you would carry a gun if everyone else is, I opted for a characterization since that logically means that you think carrying guns keeps individuals safer.

The correlation has been clear since way before the increase. Carrying guns increases gun violence AND that violence is directed disproportionately at women and people of color.

If something is slippery or waterproof it is has a very good chance of containing some sort of PFAS. They are in clothes both as part of fabric and waterproof coating. The same goes for upholstery and carpets. Also in makeup. They are used in nonstick pans and in a ton of food packaging. They are everywhere. I agree that manufacture needs to stop and think DuPont et al need to pay for cleanup at the very least.

::Spoiler:: It doesn’t really waste half the energy, but the way it shifts energy around is interesting.

It is interesting to me that the conversation here is focusing on how to help obese people lose weight and not on the relationship dynamic between patients and doctors this NY Times article gives reasons why overweight people distrust doctors.

Research has shown that doctors may spend less time with obese patients and fail to refer them for diagnostic tests. One study asked 122 primary care doctors affiliated with one of three hospitals within the Texas Medical Center in Houston about their attitudes toward obese patients. The doctors “reported that seeing patients was a greater waste of their time the heavier that they were, that physicians would like their jobs less as their patients increased in size, that heavier patients were viewed to be more annoying, and that physicians felt less patience the heavier the patient was,” the researchers wrote.

Physician assistant, Nurse practitioner, Registered nurse. They are different types of medical certifications, but I don’t know the differences between them.

Can confirm for US laptops. They all have ‘wide range’ adaptors.

A great way to address the ‘your system is different from mine so it is dumb’ problem.

100%, I won’t even believe that they’re going to deliver and especially won’t believe the specs until they have started rolling full production. Way too easy to die at this stage because of “supply costs” or “scaling issues.”

I am rooting for them though - a 1k mile battery option with potential to charge 40 miles a day on solar. Nice!

Why are you offended to the point of an in depth post by people pushing a change in the narrative of the Americas? To me it reads as someone trying to push back on the ‘woke mob’ with a seemingly logical defense. Is that how you feel about it?

I would totally agree with your symantic argument if I didn’t know how this narrative was taught and commonly understood. Is this a topic that needs your energy, thought, and engagement?

You might be able to flash free firmware to your router like dd-wrt (https://forum.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/) and get better options. Not a hard thing to do if you’ve ever installed an OS or are good at following directions.

Yeah, it should obviously be by a Tesla on autopilot.

This has a very low chance of working, but you might be able to get an advanced tab in BIOS with the advice from PiterGeek here: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/How-to-get-advanced-bios/td-p/8095143

I also saw some reports that the advanced tab can be locked at the factory with a password. There’s really no way around that.

This kind of protecting our computers from our own actions is where right to repair becomes important. I definitely won’t be looking at HP next time I buy a computer. Also, sorry you hit a wall here. I’ve put linux on a few different computers when windows crapped out. I’m not a tech genius, and it never was any kind of headache to get done. If it wasn’t for HP it would’ve been an easy win for you.

Looking online, some HP’s have this option removed entirely, so you might be at a roadblock that HP decided to build into your computer.

Does anyone know a distro that doesn’t mind being installed on RST?