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Wouldn’t want a shooter get hurt by police bullets, right?

It’s essentially an automated bullshit generator. A lot of people with bullshit jobs will be out of work. More importantly, people will necessarily get better at distinguishing bullshit from actual facts, and that will make it much more difficult for corporate media to tell their lies. At least that’s my naive hope.

I bet corporations like Google will also release their own AIs sooner or later. They are so effective as tools that you either use them or fall behind in innovation.

Such countermeasures will only lead to an arms race, and I think its likely that AI will win. Because any tool that can detect if a given text was written by AI, can also be used to improve that AI.

Most likely the way that school works will have to change to account for new technology.

I dont think so, because actual restaurants offer good food and a good experience. McDonalds isnt a real restaurant in that sense, they give you cheap trash which looks and tastes like it was dumped straight from a factory line.

And why was the Vatican quiet about the war in Iraq? And Afghanistan, and Vietnam, and Korea?

Broken country which cant even take care of its own babies. Calling this third world is still too nice.

The only reason CNN is reporting about this is because their own “journalists” were affected for once. Julian Assange, a real journalist is being tortured and they couldnt care less.

Twitter is now in self destruction mode. They dont have enough workers to review such things anymore.

“Cloud” hosting can be very expensive, look at the prices for aws. And all just for a single instance.

TIL that Twitter spends 3 million usd per day on their infrastructure. 90 million per month, or a billion per year. Imagine how many fediverse servers that could pay for.

And do you know why Germany is so rich? Its because of a large industrial base, which is very competetive globally thanks to cheap Russian energy (and low wages). Renewables are nice but they can never power a steel plant or a petrochemical plant. And now Germany is actually using more dirty energy sources than before, like coal or fracking gas. Basically the current government is destroying all the wealth that was generated over decades.

Of course, living in poverty is the best way to reduce emissions. But I dont think most Germans will be happy with that once they understand what it means.

So Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland just gave out cookies on Maidan as part of her vacation? A high level US government official who just randomly happened to visit Kiev?