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I can completely agree with that.

Of course you can argue semantics and say that humans were already there and the Vikings had already made their way over to a small extent, but for the purposes of discussing Western history, The voyage of Christopher Columbus marked the beginning of the colonialization of the Americas and that’s significant and important.

Without understanding that this Italian came across and discovered a continent, all of a sudden there’s just a continent there that everyone’s colonizing, where did that come from? They started doing it in the 1500s but why didn’t they start doing it in the 1300s or the 1200s?

Your last point makes me chuckle because for years I’ve called out US-style subarbs as having “fuck you roads”. Essentially, roads designed to say “fuck you, get your own roads. We don’t want the riffraff hanging around” that you can’t use for anything but getting to or from a house in that subarb.

Any plan can’t be cookie cutter. Every city is different, and decisions need to be made based on what locally works.

Nice bike paths won’t be nearly as useful for daily use in Anchorage as they might be in LA. Most people won’t be ok with riding a little bicycle in -50C in pitch blackness as they go to get groceries for the week.

Reducing individual transportation options could probably help contribute to a growing distance between the rich and the poor.

His proposal sounds a bit like the fediverse…

In which I agree, we should all have more of the fediverse, it’s a clearly superior method of operation.

To me, discussion is a whetstone upon which you sharpen your ideas. A whetstone doesn’t need to be composed of the same material as the knife you’re sharpening, but it must be strong enough to chip away at the knife you’re sharpening.

I was on reddit around 2008 when there were lots of interesting ideas to drive against, and really enjoyed it.

Over time, the ideas got softer, and the tactics against wrongthink got harder, and the site became worthless for me.

I tried voat for a while, but their ideas were just as soft in different ways, so I ended up homeless for a long while.

Later on I found some communities with people who could argue in ways that could change my mind and I was much happier.

I think the reality of the historical aryans is a good data point to debunk the 1938 German narrative.

In the current climate it might be considered something that doesn’t need to be debunked, but leaving dark spots in ones vision is a good way to be blindsided. One look at these historical Aryans compared to the ideological Aryans is a telling comparison.

Real history can have a bearing on current times which is one reason why it’s important to learn history and to learn from history, but not when that history is revised into fantasy.

As for whether ancient people should provide a foundation for identity, I’d say yes but no. Yes if they are a direct predecessor to a modern culture, but no since even 1000 years ago culture and language were so different you can’t directly take from that without an immediate slide into barbarism – a lot of acceptable things back then are the greatest crimes against humanity today, you can’t directly draw from that barrel without careful distillation and refinement.

Another point is that history isn’t written by the winners – it’s written by the people who write history down. This distinction is important because you don’t know what or who is flavoring the culture of 3000 years ago. You hope the truth is what’s written, but there’s no guarantee.

Although I recognize that drugs are dangerous and bad, I can sort of see an argument for saying that if you’re not hurting anyone it’s not really anyone else’s business. On the other hand, if you do go out and hurt someone, I don’t think that there should be any chance of getting away from the consequences for the things that.

On the other hand, if you do go out and hurt somebody I think that there should be dire consequences for going out and whatever you’ve done.

I guess a third thing to consider is the fact that opiates are legal. And opiates being legal has caused a massive pandemic of opiates in the US and around the world, and so there’s definitely an argument that that trend would continue.

On the other other hand, perhaps you can take some of the resources that you’re using to lock people up and educate the masses on the potential dangers of these things, in a way that’s actually going to be beneficial. Part of the problem with legalizing something is that it’s considered to be an endorsement. Getting people into the mindset that just cuz something is legal doesn’t mean it’s a good idea is something that would take a lot.

Huh, so it is.

And some of my predictions are wrong. Looks like legal and regulated Germany has higher marriage rates than illegal austria, and similar divorce rates.

Legalizing prostitution might kill prostitution, to be honest.

Looking at legalized marijuana where I live, a couple things happened. It used to be you’d go to the sketchiest guy you knew and he’d go “this is really good stuff!” And you’d pay top dollar for it. Afterwards, you’d go to a clean, safe building and choose from a wide assortment of options, at really excellent prices.

So the first of two big things that would happen would be that companies would try to get girls who could hold down a job, and they’d have to abide by work standards. A lot of women doing that kind of work would find themselves out of a job because they couldn’t get hired at the legal brothel.

The second of two would be that the price would go way down. The fact that it’s a black market service is priced in, so once it’s not, both prices and wages would go down.

At that point, it’s a normal job with normal wages, I suspect in that environment a lot of the women who would be interested quickly get bored of the concept.

I expect that when regulated the service becomes a lot less “fun”. Hiring a hooker to snort coke off your dick probably not kosher in a legit business. Probably not at parties or bars either, just a guarded monitored building for health and safety.

Not to mention they’d add modern nonsense on top of everything.

As for effects on marriage, I really wouldn’t be surprised if it further drove marriage rates down. Just look at all onlyfans. Lots of women making decent money on there only to discover and nobody wants to marry them. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to take a generation or two for society to react to all of the things that are being made normal, and by thin a lot of people will be harmed beyond just marriage…

I don’t think that’s really true unless you very broadly define right wing, and very narrowly define left wing.

The Establishment has done a fantastic job of co-opting movements such that you can have someone who is anti-censorship, anti-corporate power, anti-corporation, borderline anti-capitalist, and yet they’re considered far right.

I guess under that rubric, yeah I guess eventually everyone kind of agrees that we shouldn’t be blindly following the establishment, and that’s far right.

Thing is, in most of the ways that matter I think a lot of people painted with that right-wing brush are in fact left wing. Sure, maybe they’re not part of the institutional left, but if you talk to these people they all think that major sweeping changes need to be taking place to our institutions. They think that there’s corruption, that there’s greed, that oligarchs and long entrenched powers are taking the power away from the people and giving it to themselves. That doesn’t sound right wing to me, if you define right wing as keeping the status quo, keeping things the way they are, not advocating for dramatic changes in a New direction.

It’s like when the trucker protests happened. People were calling that right wing, which was insane to me. You had labor organizing, and yes they weren’t organizing under the banner of a union, but they were organizing in order to protest massive Powers being handed to corporate oligarchs. And you had the institutional left and all of their cronies cheering for their bank accounts being frozen, and if you want to tell me that that’s far right I’m going to have to disagree every day of the week.

I mean, what even is the alt-right?

As far as I can tell it’s just a carry-all slur for anybody who disagrees with whatever the corporate establishment media has told us is important this week.

It’s a little bit sad, but seems like the smartest thing that those who absolutely refuse to allow any changes to the status quo ever did was enlist a bunch of people who lack critical thinking skills into an army of pro-establishment hacks who somehow think that they’re “fighting the power” by standing up for the rights of Coca-Cola or general electric.

The problem always starts when it’s “and then there’s an administrator in charge of everything, who is definitely kept honest somehow”

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s why a system that relies on someone not being corrupted is always going to fail. That applies to both communism and anarcho-capitalism.