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not a debate topic, just a semantic argument

performative pedantry

I think that’s a great way of describing this post =/

Yeah, @mrpotatoe@gtio.io needs to bring some evidence to the table. Claims should be substantiated by evidence. if you’re trying to debunk someone else’s claim which is substantiated with evidence, you definitely need evidence.

If you cant install Linux on it, you don’t own it, and its important to own your own data.

The “classed” Idea makes a lot of sense to me. Sabine Hossenfelder brought that up in her latest video:

If the title doesn’t present a debate topic, at least copy a bit form the article to the “body” so we can get a gist of whats being argued without reading the whole article.

Yes, everything is natural selection, and there are good and bad forms of it, some choose to “out-compete them for resources”, and others choose murder.
I think from the white supremacists perspective they see that they are being out competed for resources by non-whites in a civil and legal way, so they’re advocating for murder to help themselves compete.

Imagine a graph of rabbit population on and island where foxes have just been introduced.

I bet it would look a lot like the white & native american graph. I’m not saying its good or bad, just possibly the product of natural predation.

Could you elaborate on what you mean by natural selection?

White supremacists believe that they are the best race and that some evil plot is preventing them from taking over. I don’t have evidence, but I was thinking it would be ironic if it was just natural selection.

Imagine what that graph would look like if it went back another hundred years and included native Americans 🤦

Its expected for racial-imbalances across the globe to even out over time now that global travel is so accessible. This could also have something to to with natural selection lol

I’m sort of envisioning people getting into arguments at the bottom of reddit threads and inviting others to join a new thread here =/

which I agree with. I’m just pointing out that you could define intelligence as “being good at capitalism”, and arguing that its really the same as “being good at deceiving people”, and suggesting its different than intelligence, or that intelligence is a broader term.

If you stab your partner in the back and take his half, some could say you were “smarter” than him, but I dont see that as “being smart” I see it as being “ruthless”. You could define who ever wins the backstabbing contest as “the smartest”, but its not always a strategical win like in a game of chess, but rather who was the best liar.

My main argument is that most people conflate being a psychopath with being intelligent because they’re successful. I assert If these successful psychopaths took intelligence tests with the people they stabbed in the back, they would not always be the smartest.

I don’t really see the conspiracy here. the lemmygrad users post stuff like this all the time, and I think most lemmy.ml users think its easier to ignore them than start the 1000th pointless argument

Seeing how poorly the “war on drugs” in America has gone, It’s not hard for an alternative to be better =/

Exactly capitalists exploit the intelligent people.

On January 23rd, 1923 Banting, Best, and Collip were awarded the American patents for insulin. They sold the patent to the University of Toronto for $1 each. Banting notably said: “Insulin does not belong to me, it belongs to the world.” His desire was for everyone who needed access to it to have it.

And today in America a months supply can cost upward of $1,500 dollars. Capitalism doesn’t reward intelligence, it rewards greed.

from: https://www.t1international.com/100years/

I don’t think you have interpreted a single one of my sentences correctly.

I’m sorry you feel this way

Telling other people that they should be subject to your religion

Your are just making up non existing examples.

Anyone on tv or in congress who says “marriage should be between a man and a woman” is saying that “gay marriage should be illegal”. you cannot possibly believe this is a fictitious scenario.

You changed the words and escalated to insults.

No I did not. I just said telling other people what to do is a “dick move”. Unless your identity revolves around telling other people what to do, this is not an insult. I’m explaining why your seeing comments like “marriage should be between a man and a women” get deleted.

You can’t fix incorrect perceptions

There is nothing “incorrect” about that perception. Controlling others is exactly what most people who say that are trying to do, and you cant stop that.

from wikipedia:

Harassment stemming from Kiwi Farms has been implicated in the suicides of three people targeted by users of the site.

Wow, that’s quite the bastion of free speech. I bet if someone doxxed the owner the thread would get deleted lol

No, it isn’t. there is stuff that’s not allowed in any forum.